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Brief ViewsHSGQ-ONU-114HW is mainly designed for FTTH,FTTO application. BD-ONU-114HW support 1000Base-PX20+ standard with 1:64 maximum optical splitting ratio and 20km distance, and provide 1uplink EPON port.HSGQ-ONU-114HW work together with OLT could realize flexible network structure and maintenance and provide total FTTx solutions.HSGQ-ONU-114HW has 1 PON port ,2* 10/100BASE-T ports,2*10/100/1000 BASE-T ports and support Wi-Fi.Functional Feature#  Support port-based rate limitation and bandwidth control;#  In compliant with IEEE802.3ah Standard#  Up to 20KM transmission Distance#  Support data encryption, group broadcasting, port Vlan separation ,etc.#  Support Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA)#  Support ONU auto-discovery/Link detection/remote upgrade of software;#  Support VLAN division and user separation to avoid broadcast storm;#  Support power-off alarm function ,easy for link problem detection#  Support broadcasting storm resista